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Hello all! I’m Josh Gowan, a husband, father, avid outdoorsman, writer, and wannabe videographer and photographer! I am happily married to my wife, Staci Gowan, and we have a 8 yr old son named Jameson. I live in Sikeston, in southeast Missouri, and travel all over the area pursuing my passion, the great outdoors.

I am a syndicated outdoor columnist and novelist, the humorist and field staff for Crappie Angler Magazine, and am awaiting the final publishing and release of my first book “A Year in the Outdoors, and Various Other Debaucheries”. I am also a semi-professional crappie fisherman. My fishing partner, Josh “Chippy” Chipman and I have been fishing together for years, and have started videoing our adventures in the last few years, and have over 150,000 views. My sponsors include Grizzly Jig Company, B’n’M Poles, Orca Coolers, Elite Archery, EGO Nets, LakeFork Trophy Lures, PerrotiBuilt Trolling Systems, and Hi-Tek Stuff.

This website/blog will feature my weekly outdoor column, my videos and pictures, and whatever other interesting outdoor whatnot I come across.

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Josh Gowan

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  1. Anonymous

    Well Josh I have been reading your articles for a long time and feel you are one of the best and look forward to reading many more. Congratulations on all our success.

  2. Jimmy Rainey

    Josh, thanks for your help today at Grizzly Jig. I was the one who purchased the Minn Kota Powerdrive. I really think I will get many hours of enjoyment from this motor. Like I told you I longline pull on Ky Lake and this should really assist me in speed and route control. Again thanks for your assistance and look forward to reading your articles.

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